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Our first edition of the Big Biking Commune annual fest bikers was held between 22nd and 24th February 2019 at the picturesque temple town of Mahabalipuram attracting over 3500 bikers from over 150 plus biking clubs across India joining us to celebrate the biking brotherhood amidst music, entertainment, stunt show, off-road and experience sharing sessions.

Held under the aegis of the ‘Department of Tourism, Government of Tamil Nadu’, who supported this fest as the Host State, our inaugural edition of the largest Bikers Fest in South India attracted the best of biking clubs, influencers and brands celebrating the spirit of biking brotherhood

Over 20+ top influencers like K P Arvind, Rajini Krishna, Maral Yarzaloo, Bullet Bose, Deepak Kamat, Veena Shetty, Sagar Sheldekar and many others shared their experiences with the commune.

Scintillating stunt shows by TVS Apache Racing team and the stunt masters Ghost Riderz enthralled the audience with some top notch stunt shows. And the display of custom and vintage bikes, choppers and morning rides gave the festival its completeness.


In the coming days, we will be putting together wonderful experiences, activities and initiatives for the commune.


Check out the latest offerings from major big bike brands who will use the Commune to launch and showcase the hottest products in the motorcycling world. Stay connected to see how brands can collaborate with the commune to bring our experiential motorcycle rides for the community


Discover all about new bike tours, rare rides, challenging moto-trips, meet the cynosures of the motorcycle community.


Rev up your machine with our Quick fixes, Workshops, Mechanics shop, Bike Spa, Tutorials, Experts Talk and more. Follow us as we put these and more together for you in the coming days.


Merchandise, Trivia, Accessories, Finance, Rentals, Tours, all this and more, coming your way, stay connected here.


Show off your skills with Dirt tracks or Burnouts, Stunts, Parades and more. We will be putting together these experiences for the commune. Stay tuned for updates