Terms & Conditions

Please read the following Terms and Conditions of Registration and Event Rules carefully before completing your registration for the Big Biking Commune (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Event’). These Terms and Conditions and Event Rules apply to all Participants (as a Participant or otherwise) in the Event. The ‘Organizer’ means Axiom Gen Nxt Pvt Ltd.

In consideration of my participation in the Event by selecting the “I accept the terms and conditions below & I have read the Event Policy before furnishing my personal information” button, you agree on behalf of yourself to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

  • These Terms and Conditions of entry are designed to enable the Event to run smoothly and safely. By applying to participate in the Event, the Participant accepts, agrees to and is bound by these Terms and Conditions of entry.
  • The Participant agrees to abide by and be bound by the Event Rules.
  • Big Biking Commune reserves the right at its sole discretion to refuse admission and/ or to remove any holder from the premises (without refund in part or full or damages if any), who does not comply with the rules of the event or the terms and conditions or if in the reasonable opinion of Big Biking Commune or their representatives; admission of the holder might be a risk to the safety of the audience and/or the holder and/or affect the wellbeing of the audience and/or the running of the festival, or if the holder is a nuisance to the other guests or has in his or her possession any prohibited or illegal substances or chemicals of any kind, narcotic drugs, laser pens, weapons or offensive material of any kind or animals.
  • All persons entering the festival site may be searched as a condition of entry. Strictly no illegal substances will be permitted into the site. Possession of them may lead to your expulsion from the festival. Private sound systems, glass, fireworks or any other items which the organisers deem unsuitable or inappropriate for the safety & wellbeing of the guests and the festival will not be permitted into the festival site.
  • If you have any specific ‘access requirements’ please email “buzz@bigbikingcommune.com” with your requests. However, Big Biking Commune does not guarantee access to such facilities and shall be subject to availability.
  • In case any entrant gets lost in the arena, then such person shall report to the Event registration desk with immediate effect. The event management staff will make reasonable efforts to help any such entrant.
  • Big Biking Commune merchandise will be available for sale within the festival premises.
  • In the event of cancellation of Big Biking Commune, no refunds in full or in parts will be returned to Entry Pass holders.
  • No person may bring into Big Biking Commune premises or use or display around the premises (including bike parking areas) any sponsorship, promotional or marketing materials of any kind, which have not been previously approved in writing by Big Biking Commune. It is strictly prohibited to offer or distribute within or around the premises any consumer articles or commercial products or services which have not been authorised by Big Biking Commune.
  • The use of photographic or audio-visual equipment is allowed for private, non-commercial purposes only. No unauthorised person may produce, store, record or transmit any kind of audio, visual or audio-visual material or any information or data by any method in any media relating to the event or any part of it.
  • Attendees with prior certified consent to photography, filming/sound recording as members of the audience; which may be used for promotional or commercial activities.
  • The organisers reserve the right to implement any restrictions/conditions deemed necessary before and during the event to ensure the safe management of the festival site.
  • Despite all reasonable precautions being taken, unavoidable accidents can happen. All attendees partaking with the event acknowledging that they may be exposed to possible risk of physical harm due to the nature of the event and are therefore present at their own risk. Big Biking Commune excludes any liability for such injury, loss or damage and will not be liable for any injury, loss or damage to any person or any property except to the extent that any such injury, loss or damage is caused by the negligence of Big Biking Commune, its employees or authorised agents. Where any attendee through negligence or intentional or reckless act causes damage or loss to Big Biking Commune, any other guest or Ticket holder or to any property at Big Biking Commune, they will be liable to indemnify any such loss or damage.

Entry Requirement

  • The Participant accepts these Terms and Conditions of Entry.
  • All entries remain provisional until you register your bike(s) at the Event itself.
  • The Participant may complete the details in the entry form online by providing the necessary information and paying the appropriate registration fee. You may not register by using multiple email addresses, identities or devices in an attempt to circumvent the rules. If you use fraudulent methods or otherwise attempt to circumvent the rules, your submission may be removed from eligibility at the sole discretion of the organizers.
  • Participant (Riders) should be completed 18 years of age on the day of the Event, an Indian citizen and a resident of India.
  • Children are permitted to attend; however, children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18. Children under the age of 13 years of age do not need to register for Big Biking Commune.
  • Only 150cc and above bikes qualify for registration.
  • The Organizers may, in its absolute discretion and without giving reasons for its decision, accept or refuse any Participant’s application for entry. The Organizers reserve the right to deny participation to any partaker and his/ her motorcycle on the grounds of civility related & aesthetic related matters. This includes the use and display of messages, form of words, images or designs that are considered to be indecent or morally wrong.

Entry fees

  • Entry fees are non-refundable
  • Pre – registered Participants must complete the entry application and pay entry fees prior to deadline date.
  • Entry fees do not include food, beverages or accommodation. Charges for the same shall be paid at the venue as supplementary charges.

Entry Pass, Change of event date, Transfer Entry or Cancel Entry

The Participants must carry their e-ticket/printout to the venue for exchanging it with the entry bands at Box Office. It’s mandatory for all Participants to carry a government approved photo Identification, valid driving license, registration certificate and the Fitness Certificate of the motorcycle (if applicable).

Resale of entry pass is prohibited without the permission of Big Biking Commune officials. In case if you are found selling or transferring the Entry Pass, it shall be treated as a violation of this agreement. Holder of such Entry Pass, shall be refused admittance to Big Biking Commune and will be evicted from the event premises.

You are advised to keep your Entry Pass in safe custody, as no duplicate tickets shall be issued under any circumstances including for loss or theft of tickets.

Preparation, Training, Health and Safety

The Participant is responsible for ensuring that he/she is adequately prepared, both physically and mentally for the Event. If the Participant has any health issues or if in doubts prior to the Event, he/she should immediately seek appropriate medical advice.

  • If the Participant becomes ill or injured during the Event, the organizers will endeavor to arrange medical assistance, usually in an ambulance. Any medical transport will be at the Participant’s expense. (The Organizers recommend that Participants may hold a valid ambulance service membership and/or health insurance to cover such costs).
  • It is the Participant’s responsibility to ensure that his or her bike is in good working condition prior to taking part in the Event.
  • All participants are required to wear all necessary protective and safety gear while riding inside the venue.


All registered two wheelers (over 150 cc) can park their vehicles inside the venue. All other vehicles can park their vehicles outside the venue. We strongly advise for your own safety and convenience that you do not park in unofficial sites outside the Big Biking Commune site. However, all vehicles (and the belongings within) parked at any designated parking areas, managed by Big Biking Commune are left at owner’s sole risk. Big Biking Commune shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered to owners arising from the use of any car parking facilities. Big Biking Commune reserves the right to remove any vehicle if necessary due to logistical, safety or similar reasons.

Variations to the Event

  • The organizers reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to:
    – Refuse or allow the Participant to partake in the Event or to remove the Participant from the Event for breach of these terms and conditions or for any other reason that it considers appropriate.
    – Change or vary the route of any of the Event rides without notice (such change or variation is only likely to occur during fire, flood, road damage or other unforeseen causes hindering access to the proposed route);
    – cancel, postpone, reschedule or change in the time or place for the Event or any of the Event courses for any reason and at any time prior to the commencement of the Event.
  • The Organizer is not responsible or liable to the Participant for any loss, damage, cost or costs, whether direct or indirect, consequential or otherwise and howsoever or whatsoever incurred by the Participant resulting from any action taken by the organizer.

The promoters reserve the right (s) to amend the terms and conditions of entry into Big Biking Commune in accordance with any new laws, legislation or internal company policies.